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How to Dry Your Carpet After Cleaning in the Winter

March 7, 2023

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Are you wondering how to dry carpet after cleaning in winter? This is a vital question as damp carpets risk mildew, mold, and damage to their backing and padding. Additionally, it’s sometimes harder to dry those carpets in winter when you can’t simply open all your home’s windows!

The good news is that it’s not difficult to dry carpets after cleaning no matter the weather, if you know how. With that in mind, check out some simple tips for your next carpet cleaning. Also, never hesitate to discuss any questions about your home’s flooring with a carpet cleaning professional near you as needed.

Quick Tips on How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning in Winter

While winter isn’t everyone’s favorite time to schedule carpet cleaning, it’s vital that you perform this service when needed. If you’ve decided to clean your carpets in winter, here’s how you can ensure they dry as quickly as possible:

  • Use your carpet cleaning equipment to extract as much water as possible. Change or clean the filter if needed and keep running it over the carpet repeatedly.
  • Blot the carpet with clean, dry towels. Place these on the floor and walk on them, to push them into the carpet. Repeat this process with fresh towels, for maximum effectiveness.
  • Turn on as many fans as possible throughout the home. Fans circulate air and, in turn, help evaporate moisture.
  • Heat also helps dry out carpets quickly, so use space heaters if you have them. Additionally, you can buy or rent commercial-grade heaters designed to dry carpets.
  • Also, turn up the thermostat to warm your home. This can help dry out the carpets quickly.
  • Light also helps dry out any fabric. Consequently, turn on as many lights and lamps in the space as possible. Remove their shades as well, for maximum light exposure!

Lastly, as a word of caution, exercise care with space heaters and any heat-producing device! Keep them away from drapes and other loose fabric. Also, ensure they don’t tip over and turn them off after a few hours. Above all, monitor children and pets in the area and don’t leave those heaters unattended.

Can Carpet Dry in Cold Weather?

The quick answer is yes, you can dry out carpets in any weather! However, since carpets dry faster in warm weather, drying them in wintertime just takes a bit of extra effort. It can also take longer to dry those carpets, so prepare to avoid walking on them for a day or two.

Also, ensure any rooms with damp carpeting have as much air circulation and light exposure as possible. For example, you might rotate the furniture placement while drying out those carpets. This gives every spot a chance to dry out quickly and evenly.

What Happens If You Don’t Dry Carpets After Shampooing?

Drying carpets is a vital part of shampooing and other cleaning. First note that mold and mildew thrive in dark, damp environments. In turn, leaving carpet fibers and backing damp encourages this growth throughout your home. You might soon notice mold up the walls and along the home’s subflooring.

Mold and mildew damage materials around your home including drywall and framing. However, they also break down carpet fibers and its backing and padding. In turn, ignoring mold growth can mean having to replace that carpet sooner than you would otherwise.

Not only do mold and mildew tend to break down carpet materials but they also mean unpleasant odors! Your entire home might smell musty and unwelcoming if you don’t dry carpets properly. Wood furniture legs can also absorb that moisture, risking damage.

carpet cleaning for a homeowner leaving it wet in winter

What Is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

Not all carpet cleaning contractors recommend standard shampooing. This process can leave behind detergents that attract more dirt than before! Shampooing also requires more rinsing and extraction. On the other hand, steam provides an excellent yet safe clean for carpet fibers.

Also, steam helps kill germs, bacteria, and other organisms in carpet fibers. It also helps “fluff up” those materials, for a softer feeling and better appearance overall. Dry cleaning and foam cleansers also help trap dirt ground into carpet materials. These are excellent alternatives to standard carpet shampooing.

Watertown Carpet Cleaners is happy to help explain how to dry carpet after cleaning in winter. Hopefully these tips have helped! If you’re ready for expert services, call our Watertown carpet cleaning contractors. We’ll schedule a FREE price estimate and explain all your cleaning options. To find out more or to get your property started, contact us today!

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