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How to Remove a Blood Stain on Carpet [Your Complete Guide]

January 5, 2023

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It’s not unusual for homeowners to wonder how to remove a blood stain on carpets. This question is persistent with parents of active children! Unfortunately, no matter how cautious you might be, it’s not unusual for someone to eventually drip some blood on a carpet.

The good news is that you can typically remove blood stains from carpeting with a few simple homemade remedies. However, professional carpet cleaning contractors can also tackle tough stains and stubborn spots! Check out the following tips and discuss any remaining concerns with a carpet cleaning contractor.

Homemade Solutions: How to Remove Blood Stain on Carpet

To remove blood stains on the carpet, start with some homemade remedies. You might want to try these on a hidden flooring area first. Then, you can determine if the remedy might bleach the carpet or damage it and try another solution during your interior carpet cleaning instead!

Dishwashing detergent solutions

Sometimes mild dishwashing detergent helps remove stains from carpeting, including blood. First, blot any damp blood with a clean, dry cloth to use this solution. Next, use a stiff brush to remove as many flecks as possible for dried blood.

Next, mix a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent into two cups of cold water and blend thoroughly. Then, use a clean sponge or white cloth to blot this solution onto the bloodstain. Do this repeatedly until the blood disappears.

Lastly, use another clean cloth and cold water to blot the spot again, to remove residual detergent. Avoid rubbing the cloth onto the carpet to avoid pressing any remaining blood into its fibers. Rinse as often as needed for the rug to come to clean thoroughly.

how to remove blood stain on carpet

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is excellent for removing blood. The peroxide helps to break down the blood and bleach it out of the fabric. However, it can also remove fabric dye in the process.

You might try dabbing a bit of peroxide onto a hidden carpet area. Again, work slowly and dab a few drops rather than rubbing them into the carpet. Use a clean damp cloth to rinse the carpet then.

If this test doesn’t damage the carpet's appearance, use it on the blood stain. Start with just a few drops on a cotton swab and stop to rinse it off as you work. Once you’ve cleaned the blood, rinse again to remove any residual hydrogen peroxide.


Ammonia is also an excellent tool for removing blood from fabric. However, avoid mixing bleach and ammonia, as the resulting fumes are toxic! Add 1/2 tablespoon ammonia to one cup of warm water to try this solution. Then, blot this mixture onto the blood stain.

Once you’ve removed the blood, rinse the area with a clean, damp cloth. Continue to rinse until you’ve pulled up as much ammonia as possible. You might also vacuum the spot to pull up more ammonia and reduce its pungent odor.

Baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent tool for removing various stains from various materials, including carpet fibers. Mix baking soda and water to use this solution and form a paste. Rub this paste into the stain with your hands or a clean, damp cloth.

You might let the paste sit for several minutes to absorb blood from the carpet. Then, a vacuum cleaner pulls up the paste and residual blood. If some stain remains, try a clean, damp cloth on the spot and blot the blood clean.

Is Blood Hard to Get Out of Carpet?

Blood stains are one of the most difficult to tackle when it comes to carpeting. However, they’re not impossible! With patience and the right tools, you can remove blood permanently and be left with a clean, pristine carpet.

For fresh blood stains

Always blot fresh blood with a clean, damp, white cloth for effective stain cleaning. Old t-shirts are excellent for this job, or you can also use a paper towel.

Press the cloth into the stain; avoid rubbing the blood into the carpet fibers! Instead, use another clean cloth or paper towel and more water if needed. Keep blotting until you’ve removed as much blood as possible.

For dried blood stains

For easier cleaning of dried blood stains, use a wire brush or stiff-bristled cleaning brush on the spot. The brush should dislodge some, if not all, the dried blood. Next, vacuum the loose flecks of blood before trying to clean the area. You might even see that the stain is now clean, and you don’t need to use any solutions after vacuuming.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to let any solution sit on the carpet for several minutes to address tough stains. The longer a solution sits, the more it permeates carpet fibers and the more blood it can remove. You can also vacuum the spot after cleaning, as this also pulls up residual flecks of blood from the carpet.

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Blood From Carpeting?

If you’ve tried, all these homemade solutions and the blood remains, call a carpet cleaning contractor! Professional cleaning often addresses stains that other methods leave behind. For instance, a contractor might suggest steam cleaning. Steam often loosens materials from carpet fibers, making stain removal easier.

Commercial-quality detergents can also address tough stains more readily than many solutions. Additionally, professional equipment can loosen residual blood buried deep in carpet fibers, making cleaning easier.

Lastly, a professional floor cleaning contractor might suggest different methods for various carpet materials. For example, they might note that a cleaner for cotton isn’t necessarily practical for wool. They can often provide a thorough service, even removing tough blood stains.

Watertown Carpet Cleaners is happy to help explain how to remove blood stains on carpets. Hopefully, this information helps address your carpet’s care! However, call our Watertown carpet cleaning contractors if you’re in the market for expert services. We’ll schedule a free onsite inspection and cleaning services price quote. Our crew provides various services, including carpet shampooing and steam cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and more. So, to get your property started with expert floor cleaning services, contact us today.


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