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Pet Carpet Cleaner for Stain & Odor Removal in Watertown

Professional Pet Carpet Cleaner Watertown - We Get the Job Done!

Has your beloved pet left you a little surprise on your rug, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot remove the stain and smell? No worries! We are pet carpet cleaner Watertown experts. From brown stains to urine perfume that fills the air in a most unpleasant way, you can rely on our carpet care pros to make your space sweet again.

Our company has been blasting problematic pet stains since 1999. We use specially formulated detergents containing enzymes that bind with the waste and break down stains and offensive scents. So you're left with nothing but fresh, clean rugs that look new. We're a fully licensed and insured business that offers the lowest rates in the local area. Do you have questions for our staff? Please call us now!

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner for Pet Messes

Professional carpet cleaning of pet urine is essential. We've all tried DIY techniques to combat pet stains, and they never seem to work truly. Let's take a look at some reasons why expert services are a must:

  • Pet urine, especially cat & dog, requires detergents with special enzymes
  • Store-bought detergents often make urine smells worse
  • Not completely eradicating pet urine from carpets causes animals to "revisit."
  • Using home carpet scrubbers often adds far too much moisture to the floor
  • Set-in pet stains need special treatments in order to lift off fibers correctly

Most of the soaps you find in the store contain toxic substances that are harmful to pets and humans. Our team never uses noxious formulas. So you can count on pet stains and odors to hit the highway when we're on the scene!

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Got Pet Stains? Call Us, Quick!

It can be devastating to learn your pet has pooped or peed on your rugs, carpets, or furniture. Your first instinct is to try and scrub the mess out on your own. We suggest dabbing the moisture with a paper towel and picking up solid pieces. Then, you should call a professional to handle the rest. The longer the mess sits on the carpeting, the more absorbed the material will be by the fibers, resulting in permanent staining and odors that never seem to disappear.

Adding low-quality detergents and excessive amounts of water will only make the problem worse. Instead, we use a combination of truck-mounted equipment and hand tools to gently extract the pet waste from the carpeting so that no trace is left behind. Would you like to learn more about our procedures? Please take a moment to explore the company blog.

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Have You Had a Pet Stain & Odor Removal Consultation?

Is it time to schedule your FREE pet-safe carpet cleaning session? You may have more than a simple spot to get rid of, and when that's the case, we suggest booking a consultation. Our company has completely transformed rugs and carpets so badly stained by pet messes that the owners thought they would have to purchase replacements. Are you a rental property owner that has to do major renovations from bad renters who had pets and left messes on the carpeting? We can help! Please know we are available for hardwood floor refinishing services too.


Why Choose Watertown Carpet Cleaners

Our company is dedicated to helping customers with pet stains, odors, and other carpet, rug, and upholstery problems. We know it's extremely expensive to replace carpeting, especially when you only have a spot or two affected by pet stains and odors. However, those small spots can cause a great deal of stink to invade your space. So we use tried and true techniques coupled with non-toxic detergents so your carpets aren't only clean but safe for pets and humans. When you need prompt carpet cleaning services, please don't hesitate to call our team.

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Dependable, honest and thorough. Shows up exactly when he is scheduled to and gets cuts no corners. I've tried Stanley Steamer, Carpet Medic, and Sears. None come even close.
- Roy M.

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Watertown Carpet Cleaners offer top-of-the-line rug, carpet, and upholstery cleaning, tile and hardwood services, and power washing. We gladly serve residential and commercial customers. Are you ready for a clean like you've never seen?

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Relax. Let us handle the cleaning! Watertown Carpet Cleaners makes carpet cleaning more accessible, with budget-friendly prices, fast service, and FREE estimates. Call (860) 406-7706
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